Getting Started

If you wish to utilize our services, the procedure is simple. Please request our information brochure and then indicate, if appropriate, under comments or questions that you are ready to get started. We will then contact you to discuss several issues including the selection of a custodian (broker or bank) and your investment objectives.

Several days later, you will receive a packet containing our two-page contract called the Investment Management Agreement (preview at the bottom of this page) and custodian paperwork. Also enclosed will be a copy of the S.E.C. form ADV Part II (Investment Advisor Registration Statement) for your review. The account(s) can be funded by check, wire transfer, or broker to broker transfer. We are then ready to proceed.

We will mail you an initial review which will include your copy of the signed contract, a proposed statement of investment objectives, a copy of our quarterly invoice, and an accounting of the initial securities and/or cash which funded the account. Remember, if at any time you wish to discontinue the relationship, advise us in writing, and we will refund your pro rata portion of the fee with no other charges, penalties, or expenses. As indicated in the contract, you have five days from receipt of the initial review to void the agreement with no fee due. Of course, any investments prior to notification would be at your risk.

We hope you are favorably disposed to one of these products, and pledge to give you our best effort.


Fee Schedule for Enhanced Income Premium Choice Fixed Investment

0.75% Annually on First $1,000,000
0.50% Annually on next $9,000,000
Negotiable Thereafter
Minimum Account Size - $300,000.
Minimum Annual Fee -$2,250


Fee Schedule for Smart Bear Balanced Accounts

Maintenance Fee
1.0% Annually of the assets.
Minimum Account Size- $300,000.

Performance Fee
20% of the net gain (defined as the sum of all realized and unrealized gains and losses on a calendar quarter basis). The concept of a "high water mark" is utilized.


Fee Schedule for Balanced Managed Accounts

Fixed Portion
1.0% Annually of the First $1,000,000.
0.75% of the Next $9,000,000.
Minimum Account Size - $300,000.

Stock Portion
Negotiated depending upon mix.

View a copy of the INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT (our contract) in PDF format.
If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader installed, you may download the latest version from Adobe.

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